Tracked Wheelbarrow


TUCANO tracked wheelbarrows are used for the transport of any material, lightening and facilitating considerably the work of the user.

TUCANO tracked wheelbarrow is suitable in the agricultural, breeding, gardening, forestry, construction and tourism sectors.

Thanks to the great load capacity and to the very high performances, the TUCANO series is able to carry weights wherever they are needed.

COMPONENTS AND HYDRAULIC SYSTEM made in Italy, HIGH-DENSITY RUBBER TRACKS for a longer life, FRAME AND BODY CARPENTRY, studied and realized in order to make it light and strong.

TUCANO 330/530 tracked wheelbarrows are used to transport any kind of material, making the user’s job easier and lighter. Their use is suitable in the agricultural, breeding, gardening, forestry, tourist and building sectors.

Thanks to its load capacity and high performance, the TUCANO series can transport weights wherever they are needed. All the processes, starting from the design, passing from the carpentry to the painting, up to the nal assembly are carried out by the skilled Italian workforce, which has always distinguished
itself all over the world.

The TUCANO tracked wheelbarrow is very comfortable and intuitive. Parking brakes connected to the gearbox, increase safety and stability. They are automatically activated, even when the machine is left in neutral on steep slopes, keeping the Tucano immobile.

The ELECTRIC TRACKED WHEELBARROWS, can be used in closed environments, as ZERO EMISSIONS and absolutely silent.

The model 350e houses a 48V 60Ah lithium- ion battery and ensures up to 10 hours of work, with recharge times reduced to a minimum ± 4.3 hours;

The model 550e as well as the model 550e PLUS, house, instead, a Li-Ion battery of 48V 80Ah that assures up to 8 hours of work, with recharge times of ± 5 h approx.

Maximum capacity 500kg.


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