The company was founded in 2000, constantly evolving and growing under the guidance of the expert hands of its inspirer and founder Luigi Colizzi, who has transferred all his experience gained throughout his life as a craftsman and entrepreneur in the machinery sector agricultural.

The company stands out on the national territory for the excellence and professionalism with which the products are designed and manufactured, especially in the design and construction of compressors and pneumatic equipment for the easy harvesting and pruning of olive groves, vineyards, orchards.

Year after year the quantity of machines sold has grown considerably and consequently the company has always invested in new machinery that improved the products and the production speed and it was also necessary to build a structure suitable for the production volume that was always growing.

In 2013, the design of Minidumper and Transporter began. Powerful and easy to handle tracked machines, long-lasting, excellent work tools for the most varied sectors, which are manufactured with the new Colmac Italia corporate brand.

Since 2018 we have started the marketing of our cordless tools such as pruning shears.


All Colmac products are the result of a long design project, studied down to the smallest detail, especially taking advantage of the advice of customers who have worked for hours and hours with our products. Before being marketed, in the design and prototyping phase each new product goes through a long period of strong experimentation in different situations of use, subjecting the products to the most extreme conditions, in search of all possible technical problems.

During the numerous field tests, each final product was adapted to all possible work environments, thus making each model specific to the customer’s needs. Designed to dominate in its category and to be a reference point on the market, all our products have the best components available on the market today and above all of Italian production and in compliance with all the regulations required by law, in compliance with the standards of quality, safety and environment.

All this to achieve our only goal: to satisfy the customer from every point of view, with the production of high quality machines with excellent performance in terms of speed, reliability over time, comfort and manageability, in full compliance with all standards of safety and respect for the environment. A continuous research to always offer the best. In this way our company has managed to stand out and compete on the international market.


As a result of our continuous development, we intend to further improve the quality of products and the working conditions of each operator, through the design and manufacture of machines and equipment that are increasingly innovative.